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brand introduction

The ALBAI brand Arabian robes are the flagship products of the Sino-Shansh joint venture, Hassan Albai Clothing Co., Ltd., which is also the representative brand of the Chinese garment industry in the Middle East and North Africa. We have enabled our factory owner's last name BAI to name our product name, which is our commitment to product quality, confidence and quality assurance!

Hassan Albai Clothing Co., Ltd. has invested heavily in the introduction of the world's most advanced automatic computerized garment production equipment and first-class CIS management system, so that every product of the company's ALBAI brand Arabic robe will be able to get the most stringent quality control. Each of its processes is carried out in strict accordance with international high standards, and its style is in line with traditional Muslim customs.

The ALBAI brand Arabian robe, in line with the exquisite, three-dimensional plate making method, is in line with ergonomics. ALBAI brand Arabian robe product size specifications, wearing fit, comfortable, perfect shape. In the process, it has always been a fine and delicate sewing workmanship and excellent cutting combination skills. It always insists that "the needles see Kung Fu, the pieces are fine", and the pair of lines, bright lines and collar shapes and collars will never be deformed. The characteristics are all unique.

The ALBAI brand Arabian robes are always carefully selected for the fabric, and strive to achieve excellent results in visual and hand-feeling comfort. Only when the high-grade surface and accessories are used in Japan and Korea, the hand feels soft, smooth and breathable. It is comfortable to wear, good in elasticity, strong in strength, not easy to be deformed, cracked, easy to wash, good in color fastness, anti-shrinkage, anti-wrinkle, iron-free, luster and so on. The imported lining cloth is used as the inner lining to make the collar of the ALBAI brand Arabian robe stable and non-foaming. At the same time, the ALBAI brand Arabian robes are only made of pure copper material. After more than a thousand tests by professional institutions, they can never be detached from the collar, and the button color used has not changed color for many years, thus forming the ALBAI brand. The unique style of the Arabian robes.

After more than ten years of Arab robes production experience, process requirements and technical standards, we have been pursuing meticulous attention to every detail of the ALBAI brand Arabian robes, which has created the excellent quality of today's ALBAI brand Arabian robes.

ALBAI brand Arab robe pursuit - Do the best!