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ALBAI thoub is the own product of Hassan Alabi (China) Garment Co., Ltd., which is also a well-known brand of Arab and Southeast Asian countries. Our company has invested a great deal of money in the introduction of the current advanced fully automatic computerized clothing production equipment and ERP management system, so that every product of the ALBAI brand can be strictly controlled by quality.

ALBAI thoub, relying on exquisite, three-dimensional board, in line with ergonomic. ALBAI thoub product size specification, wear fit, comfortable. In terms of technology, we always had a good combination of fine stitching and excellent tailoring. Always adhere to the craftsman spirit of "needle see details, every piece is competitive product" .

ALBAI brand Arab robe has always been carefully selected in fabric selection, in order to strive for visual, hand comfort to achieve excellent results. Our company chooses special design fabric from Japan and South Korea to make our thoub feel soft, smooth, breathable and comfortable to wear, and many other advantages. Using imported interlining as inner lining, make the collar and sleeve of ALBAI thoub washed without deformation for many times. Selected a variety of material buttons to add to the overall beauty of the robe, forming the unique style of ALBAI thoub.

After more than a decade of experience in the production of Arab thoub, process requirements and technical standards’ accumulation, the pursuit of every detail of the ALBAI thoub leads to the outstanding quality of today's ALBAI product.